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SATIC South Australian Tourism Industry Council

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What is SATIC?

As South Australia's peak tourism body, SATIC's role is to engage the tourism industry in all of the processes that shape our State's tourism future and bring our diverse industry together.

Built on member's input, to represent, advance and further the interests of our members and the industry, SATIC aims to facilitate a positive business environment and to ensure a sustainable future for tourism in South Australia to ensure continued growth, performance and profitability in the industry.

SATIC provides a range of support services, resources and assistance to its members such as training, accreditation, certification, awards, business to business networks, communication and information.

Our Mission: To engage, represent, strengthen and empower the South Australian tourism industry.

Our Vision: To be a strong and valued industry body leading a sustainable tourism industry.


SATIC's objectives are to:

  • Promote a profitable and professional tourism industry in South Australia.

  • Assist in the promotion and development of quality experiences for visitors.

  • Provide business-to-business services that will provide value to members.

  • Actively influence the environment in which its members do business.

  • Represent and act on behalf of the SA tourism industry and its members.

  • Encourage the development and maintenance of programs to ensure sustainability of tourism product.

  • Create a strong industry capacity and capability.

  • Unite South Australia's tourism industry by fostering strong tourism industry communications and assisting with the dissemination of research and information.

  • Continually raise the skills and professionalism of businesses involved in the tourism industry in South Australia.

  • Maintain mutually beneficial working relationships between the tourism industry and the various levels of government, industry partners and other tourism stakeholders.

  • Ensure the tourism industry becomes a cohesive, self-reliant and respected leading economic sector.


SATIC's Core Business Activities:

  • Quality Assurance (Accreditation) Programs

  • Tourism Plan Implementation

  • Workforce Development

  • Sustainability Initiatives

  • Minister's Tourism Industry Forums

  • Training & Skills

  • South Australian Tourism Awards

  • Industry Events, Functions & Activities

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