Port Elliot Adventure

Harbourmaster's Walking Trail

Simply stunning scenery... Harbourmaster's walk is a short but delightful path that runs from Horseshoe Bay to Knights Beach in Port Elliot, or in the opposite direction if one wishes. The views are panoramic to the east, south and west, providing excellent views and photographic opportunities from dawn to sunset, including a few cheeky seals and maybe even a whale.

The history of the track appears to begin when the proposed shipping port (at what was then) Elliot halted due to the growing number of shipwrecks and ensuing public outcry. Tourists started coming to escape the heat of the Adelaide plains in summer, and the tracks they made walking around the island were paved by volunteers in the 1930's and 40's. Keith Dodd and the Lion's Club are responsible for the plantings of succulents, which grow very well in the harsh conditions on the slopes.

The track starts on the right of Horseshoe Bay and can be found by taking the upward path next to the Surf Life Saving Club and jetty, or just opposite from the Port Elliot YHA. First stop is Ladies Beach, a quiet patch of sand with great views at sunrise and sheltered swimming.

Continuing along the Harbourmaster's walk there are plenty of benches, each with a magnificent view. The path curves around the side of Freeman's Knob, roughly a third of the way between the top of the hill and the water below. You can hear the waves as you walk, and it does get very windy at times – especially in winter.

Stairs leading to the top to the lookout offer a different view, but the path continues along around to the west.

Green Bay is accessed via a stairway down to the rocks, and can have fairly rough water at times due to its angle to the sea. Further still down the path is descent to Knights Beach. This is the side with the sunset views, and the granite outcrops with steep sides are often explored by the bold and local surfies alike.

Although the Harbourmaster's path ends here, one can follow the beaches and walk all the way to Victor Harbor. It is advisable to check the Cockle Train schedule as a method of return.

Port Elliot Maritime Heritage Trail

The Port Elliot Maritime Heritage Trail is a self-guided walk that highlights Port Elliot's role as the first seaport for the River Murray trade. Development of the river as a significant inland transport route involved by-passing the hazardous Murray Mouth and constructing a rail link (the first public railway in Australia) between Port Elliot on the coast and the Port of Goolwa on the Murray.

From 1851 to 1866 more than 500 vessels used the areas facilities as a seaport. Unfortunately the wrecking of seven vessels, between 1853 to 1864, confirmed Horseshoe Bay's growing reputation as a 'ship-trap', resulting in nearby Victor Harbor replacing Port Elliot as the coastal outlet for the River Murray trade.

Four of the vessels wrecked within the bay ('Harry', 'Josephine Loizeau', 'Lapwing' and 'Flying Fish') are often exposed within the surf zone at Horseshoe Bay and continue to interest many visitors on the beach. Mystery surrounds the exact location of the remaining shipwrecks; the 'Emu', 'Commodore' and 'Athol' sites which are thought to lie outside Horseshoe Bay and are yet to be located.

For more information on the trail a brochure is available and five interpretive signs have been placed on the foreshore of Horseshoe Bay.

Visit website: http://www.southaustralia.com/info.aspx?id=9002469

Big Duck Boat Tours

A Big Duck Boat Tour is Victor Harbor's spectacular ocean adventure experience. Explore inaccessible areas of coastline in a 7.3m expedition-style rigid inflatable boat (RIB). See beautiful seabirds in their natural environment. Dolphin watching and seal watching is possible on most tours year round. Whale watching tours run June through September. Small group size is guaranteed (maximum 10 passengers) and spray jackets and life jackets are provided.

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Coorong Cruises

Spirit of the Coorong Cruises offer 2 hour, 4 hour, and 6 hour cruises from Goolwa, 90 kilometres south of Adelaide, South Australia, to the River Murray Mouth and into the Coorong National Park. A long, narrow and shallow lagoon stretching more than 100 kilometres from the River Murray Mouth, the Coorong is separated from the Southern Ocean by a series of sand dunes and supported by fresh water flows from the River Murray and tidal movement from the sea.

One of the most important wetlands in Australia and internationally known for native and migratory bird life, the Coorong is a place of spectacular white sand dunes, wildlife, unique flora, and aboriginal history …a place of untouched wilderness, peace and tranquility.

Experience this special place of wetland wilderness, wildlife, spectacular scenery, and Aboriginal and European history on a Spirit of the Coorong Murray Mouth, Adventure or Discovery cruise.

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Kangaroo Island Tours

Think of an island with 509km of Coastline & 155km from the East Coast to the West Coast. With native bushland, wildlife, adventure & exploring. Where pristine beaches, local wines & sunsets are on your doorstep. You'll need longer than you think!

Kangaroo Island is a pristine wilderness - a place that has offered protection to substantial populations of native Australian animals, a place of beauty and a place of escape.

Kangaroo Island (or ‘KI' as the locals call it) is also big and surprisingly diverse. If you traverse its 155km length you'll find soaring cliffs, dense forest, towering sand dunes, wetlands and massive arcs of bone white beach. But just because it's wild, don't underestimate the welcome.

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Waitpinga Farm Quad Bike Adventures

Offering a guided quadbike farm tour with a qualified tour guide through 400 acres of beautiful farming country with views of the ocean, local farm animals and possible sightings of native animals. Ride provided quadbikes through grassy hills and plains and creek crossings.

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